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Boston Exchange Server Data Recovery

         Exchange Server Database Repair and Reconstruction Boston

     Exchange Data Recovery



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US-DataRecovery-Boston.com provides Boston database file recovery, repair and reconstruction for corrupted Exchange Server files and most other database files systems.


Lost or corruption of Microsoft Exchange database files can occur for many reasons. File corruption can occur from a server crash, hard drive failure, raid array failure, virus attack or other software component corruption. The best prevention of an exchange database loss is to have current redundant verified back ups of all the Exchange .MDB (Priv1.edb and Pub1.edb) and associated .STM files. If a corruption occurs do not attempt to repair these files with 3rd party software from the original source as this may further damage the files and result in permanent loss. Our engineers have a combined 37 years of experience with deployment and recovery of server based software applications. We follow a prescribed procedure of recovery and reconstruction from forensic images of your drive or array. Once your exchange files are recovered from our images our engineers then reconstruct the mail box structures. 


We understand the urgency of having you Exchange Server up and running. Without your email, contacts and calendars many companies would come to a complete halt. We always treat every Exchange Server as a priority and immediately begin the recovery process when your drives arrive. Our commitment is to reconstruct your Exchange files and have them back to you as soon as possible. We have no up charge for priority service. Most Exchange Server files are reconstructed within 12-36 hours upon receipt.


We offer our Boston clients:


Free Inspection and Examination of all SATA SAS drives

No Recovery – No Fee

Flat Rate Pricing

No up charge for Weekend, Evening or Holiday Service

DATA RECOVERY Process starts immediately upon receipt of your SATA SAS drive

Most data recovery cases are completed in 24-36 hours of receipt of the drives. This includes Raid Array data recovery cases.

We are HIPAA Compliant and exceed HIPPA requirements for data security. Each Clients case is assigned to its own recovery hardware and software and all data and forensic images are stored on individual hard drives. No Client Data is stored on Servers or any Internet connected device. Our client’s data Security and Confidentiality is of utmost importance.

Data Management has become a crucial part of every Corporation’s and small Business’s infrastructure. A comprehensive Data Management Plan should define how the data will be archived and stored and who will have access to the data. These are the most import parts of a Data Plan as approximately 44% of all Data Loss is a result of Hardware Malfunctions or Failure and about 32% of Data Loss or Corruption is a result of human error. The most critical part of preventing a Data loss Disaster is implementing the proper data storage devices needed for your business needs.

Your data storage devices may include off site Cloud Storage, NAS (Network Attached Storage) data Storage, External or Internal HDD data storage or Sever Storage utilizing Raid Array Volumes. The best prevention of a data loss disaster is to have current multiple backups of your data. In the event that you do have a mechanical or software failure of one of your storage devices, DO NOT attempt any type of recovery, repair or Raid rebuild without a having a current and complete copy of your data. Your best course of action is to shut the Storage device down to prevent any further loss or corruption of your data. Call US Data Recovery and speak to one of our techs concerning the safest method of data recovery for your specific device.

Data Recovery – Forensic Data Imaging - eDiscovery
US Data Recovery provides recovery of data from all major electronic data storage media. We utilize the most advanced data recovery hardware and advanced data recovery software for all of our recovery services. We provide the following data recovery services : Hard Drive Recovery - Raid Recovery - SAN Recovery - NAS Recovery - DAS Data Recovery - Server Recovery - Enterprise Recovery - Flash Drive Recovery - Flash Card Recovery - SATA SAS SSD Recovery - Macintosh Recovery - Windows Recovery - Windows Server Recovery - External HDD Recovery - Tape Recovery - Microsoft Windows data Recovery - Worldwide Corporate Data Recovery - Worldwide Business Data Recovery - Worldwide Home Data Recovery - Worldwide Enterprise Raid Data Recovery - Worldwide Data Recovery Service – Iphone and Android data recovery - Forensic Imaging and Examination for eDiscovery - Video Surveillance HDD DVR Recovery

US Data Recovery provides simple Flat Rate prices for all of our data recovery services. If for any reason we cannot recover your data there is no charge. We have no up charge for holidays or weekend recovery services. All recovery services starts the same day your device arrives. Each drive is forensically image to one of our drives prior to any data recovery. This prevents any further continued use of a failing device, insuring a far greater successful recovery. We are HIPPA Compliant and our recovery procedures far surpass HIPPA requirements for data security. No Client data is recovered on or stored on any internet connected device.

We also Offer Enterprise forensic data recovery and forensic data imaging for all hard drives, raid arrays and data storage media for large Corporations, Law Firms, Universities, Military, Police Departments, Home Land Security and other Government entities. We provide eDiscovery for electronic data storage devices used for civil and criminal litigation. We have 23 years prior Criminal investigative experience in Federal and local law in Washington, D.C.

US Data Recovery provides Forensic Imaging and eDiscovery for Law Enforcement, Legal Firms, Corporations, Business and private individuals for Criminal and Civil litigations. We provide Forensic imaging and eDiscovery with certified MD5, SHD1 and SHD 256 hashes for all electronic data storage devices including? SATA Hdds, SAS Hdds, SCSI Hdds, IDE, Hdd and SSD Drives. We also provide eDiscovery and Forensic Imaging for External HDDs, SAN Storage Servers, NAS raid Servers, DAS Storage Servers, Raid Arrays, Flash USB storage, IPhone and Android phones and DVR Surveillance hard drives.

Our Data Recovery Services encompass all major electronic data storage media and configurations. Utilizing the most advanced data recovery hardware and advanced data recovery software we provide the following data recovery services : Hard Drive Recovery - Raid Recovery - SAN Recovery - NAS Recovery - DAS Data Recovery - Server Recovery - Enterprise Recovery - Flash Drive Recovery - Flash Card Recovery - SATA SAS SSD Recovery - Macintosh Recovery - Windows Recovery - Windows Server Recovery - External Recovery - Tape Recovery - Microsoft Windows data Recovery - Worldwide Corporate Data Recovery - Worldwide Business Data Recovery - Worldwide Home Data Recovery - Worldwide Enterprise Raid Data Recovery - Worldwide Data Recovery Service – Forensic imaging – Surveillance DVR recovery – Iphone / Android Recovery

Hard Drive HDD Data Recovery - SAS HDD - SATA HDD - SCSI HDD - IDE HDD - NL-SAS HDD Hard
US Data Recovery provides HDD data recovery for all makes and models of SAS drives, NL-SAS Hdds, SATA Hdds, NL-SATA drives, IDE and SCSI Drives. We recover data from Seagate drives, LaCie Hdd, Samsung drives, older Maxtor hard drives, Western Digital Drives, WD HGTS Hdds, older Hitachi models, Fujitsu drives and Toshiba Hard Drives. We also recover branded hard drives utilized by Dell, Lenovo, LSI, NetApp, HP and NO Name drives. We recover data from any hard drive using Macintosh specific firmware.

We recover data from all falling drives, caused by bad blocks or sectors, corrupted firmware, lost partitions, corrupted Master File Tables and Journaling tables. We also perform CleanRoom Data recovery of mechanical failed drives requiring opening in a clean room environment. We perform disaster recovery on all electronic storage devices damage by fires, water, electrical surges or and other natural disaster.

We provide Forensic Data Recovery and Forensic data imaging of all make and models of hard drives, raid arrays, flash drives and micro hard drives. Forensic imaging, byte by byte imaging of each sector allows for the most complete recovery of all data, including previously delete and fragmented remnants. We use the most advance Forensic hardware and software for drive imaging and Forensic data recovery.

. We provide worldwide data recovery for Enterprise hard drives, Enterprise Servers, Enterprise San Servers and enterprise NAS storage devices. Our turnaround time on Raid Arrays from Servers, SAN raids and NAS raid arrays is generally 24 hours from time of receipt of the drives. All drives are forensically imaged and the array reconstruction and recovery will only be done from the imaged drives. Our Enterprise data recovery is provided for all makes and models of SAS drives, SATA Drives, SCSI drives, SSD drives, PCI SSD and older IDE Drives. We provide United States Enterprise Data Recovery, Canada Enterprise Data Recovery, South America Enterprise Data Recovery and Caribbean Enterprise Data Recovery.

We provide data recovery for all makes and models of 4 TB hard drive, 5 TB Hard Drives and also for the new helium filled 6 TB Western Digital and Seagate 6 TB and 6 TB Seagate hard drive, Seagate Kinetic Drive.. We also recover data from the new Seagate 8 TB and WD 8 TB 10 TB and 12 TB hard drives.

We Provide Hard Drive Data Recovery and Raid array data recovery for all Dell Laptops, Desktops, Servers, San Server, DAS severs utilizing Western Digital Hard Drive models : HGST, Wd Red, WD, Black, WD Blue, WD Green, WD RE, WD SE, WD XE, WD Raptor. Seagate Hard Drive models: 7200, 7200,07, 7200,08, 7200,09, 7200,10, 7200,11, 7200,12, Constellation, TeraScale, Momentus, Seagate BarraCuda, Seagate FireCuda, Seagate IronWolf, Seagate SkyHawk, Samsung /Seagate, Maxtor/Seagate. Samsung Spinpoint, Hitachi DeskStar, Travel Star, Ultra Star, TOshiba 3.5 , Toshiba 2.5, Fujitsu 7200, Fujitsu 7200, Lenovo ThinkPad, Lenovo SAS, NetApp SATA, NetApp SAS, Lsi 3.5 SATA, LSI 3.5 SAS internal.

External HDD Data Recovery
US Data Recovery provides complete data recovery service for all external hard drives, All external hard drives, no matter which manufacture will use one of the major Hdd Manufacture’s hard drive in their case. The drives will either be a Seagate Hdd, WD Hdd, HGTS drive, Toshiba, or Fujitsu drive. Older external drives may have the older Hitachi drives, Samsung Drive or Maxtor Drive. Some External drives may use a SSD Drive. Other External drive may also utilize multiple drives in a raid array.

We provide full data recovery services for any make or model of external drive including:
External Hard Drives and SSD external drives including: HP External, Dell External, NetApp External, Lacie External, LSI External, and Lenovo External. Seagate Free Agent External Hard Drives, Seagate GoFlex External Hard Drives, Seagate Expansion External Drive, Seagate Slim Mac, Maxtor One Touch External Hard. We provide data recovery for all external hard drive including Lacie external drive, Toshiba External Drives, Buffalo External Hard Drives, Fantom External Hard Drives, Western Digital My Book External Hard Drives, Hammer More Space External Hard Drives, Hitachi External Hard Drive, Iomega Prestige External Hard Drive, Lacie External Hard Drives, Macintosh External Hard Drives, Generic External Hard Drives, LaCie External Hard Drive, LaCie 2LittleBig ,LaCie Sphere, Seagate Expansion, Seagate Backup Plus, Seagate Mac Slim, Western Digital Passport external drive, Western Digital Elements external hard drive, LaCie Rugged Triple external hard drive, Toshiba Canvio external hard drive, Apple TIme Capsule, Transcend External Drive, Silicon Power External hard drive, Buffalo MiniStation External Drive , LaCie Rugged external Drive, HGST Touro Mobile, ioSafe Solo, SAMSUNG D3 Station . Lacie Porsche, Apricorn Aegis, G-Technology external, Patriot Gauntlet, Transcend StorJet, Edge Diskgo, Sony External, BusLink external drive, LaCie BladeJet, HP external, Micronet external. Verbatiun Store and Save, ClickFree, Hitachi G-Drive, Memorex Slim Drive, Imation, LaCie Hard Disk ,LaCie Hard Disk MAX Buffalo DriveStation Duo, Buffalo DriveStation Quattro ,OWC, OWC Mercury Elite Pro, DriveStation Quattro Turbo, LaCie Brick HGST Touro Mobile, ioSafe Solo, SAMSUNG D3 Station . Lacie Porsche, Apricorn Aegis, G-Technology external, Patriot Gauntlet, Transcend StorJet, Edge Diskgo, Sony External, BusLink external drive, LaCie BladeJet, HP external, Glyph Studio S2000 2TB External Hard Drive, Micronet external. Verbatiun Store and Save, ClickFree, Hitachi G- Drive, AKiTiO Thunder2 Dock , Maxtor OneTouch external, StarTech External, Vantec, Memorex Slim Drive, Imation, OWC Mercury Elite Pro,. My Book , WD Elements, My Book VelociRaptor Duo, My Book Thunderbolt Duo , My Passport Ultra, My Passport Slim , My Passport Enterprise, WD Elements , My Passport Air, My Passport for Mac, My Passport Studio. We also provide external hard drive raid data recovery for those external hard drives configure in a raid array such as Lacie Little Big SSD external drive, Lacie 5Big and 2Big external drives.

All External hard drives are forensically imaged as are our client’s internal hard drives. All data is then recovered from the forensically sound image. This eliminates any possibility of lost or further lost of date from the client, original failing drive. We recover data from all external hard drives utilizing USB data transfer connections, Firewire connections and eSata connections.

We provide external drive data recovery for large Corporations, medium to small business users, Home Office external drives and home user external drives.

We also provide raid data recovery for any brand of external hard drive configured is a raid array. Most external drives set in a raid array are usually configured in a striped, raid 0, array or a mirrored, raid 1 array. Data Recovery of external hard drive raid arrays are generally recovered within 12 -24 hours of receipt of the drives.

Raid Data Recovery
Raid array storage comes with its own unique problems concerning failures and data corruption. Raid arrays are not designed for the only copy of your data. Weather using a striped array or a redundant raid configuration raid drives fail, read errors occur and many other issues causing loss of access to your data. Without the proper knowledge or tools, any attempt to recover or reconstructed a fail raid array can result in complete loss of your data. If you do not have a complete ad sound backup of your data on the problematic or fail array, your best course of action is to shut down the system and call one of out raid engineers. Our Raid Data Recovery engineers provide data recovery for all raid array configurations including :
Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 1 – 0, Raid 10, Raid 3, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 6, ZFS Raid, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, raid 15, Raid 6E, Raid 1.5, Raid 7, Raid-DP, Raid S, Matrix Raid, Raid-K, Raid-Z, Raidn, Linux MD 10, IBM ServeRaid 1E, unRaid, Drobo BeyondRaid, Nested Array, Hybrid Array, Raid Data Reconstruction Recovery from hard drives configured in Standard Raid Levels Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 2, Raid 3, Raid 4, Raid 5, Raid 6. Modified Standard Raid Levels - Nested Raid Levels Raid 0 + 1 (raid 01), Raid 1 + 0 (raid 10), Raid 3 + 0 (raid 30 or raid 53), Raid 0 +3 (raid 03), Raid 1 +0 + 0 (raid100), Raid 5+ 0 (raid 50), Raid 5 + 1 (raid 51), Raid 0 + 5 (raid 05), raid 6 + 0 (raid 60). Non Standard Raid Levels. Double Parity, Raid 5e, Raid 5ee, Raid 6e, Raid-DP, Raid1.5, Parity Raid, Matrix Raid, Raid K, Raid S, Raid Z, Beyond Raid, unRaid, Linux MD 10, IBM ServeRaid 1E, ineo Complex Raid, Raidn, Non Raid Drive Architectures: SLED, JBOD, MAID, SPAN, BIG .

US Data Recovery provides raid array data recovery for all software raid arrays and raid arrays using the following hardware controllers:

3ware Controllers, HP Controllers, IBM Controllers, Adaptec Controllers, NVIDIA controllers, Promise Technology controllers, Acer Controllers, Highpoint controllers, LSI Controllers, Intel Raid Controllers, Sans Controllers, Perc 4, Perc 5, Perc 6, Pec 2, Perc 3 Controllers and any other make raid controller. Perc 4, Perc 5, Perc 6, Pec 2, Perc 3 Controllers and any other make raid controller.

Each drive from the array is forensically imaged to a good drive. The images are then combined into a virtual raid array from which your data is recovered.

Enterprise Raid Server SAS Hard drives ( Serial Attached SCSI) are enterprise hard drives generally used in Servers and NAS Devices (Network Attached Storage) in conjunction with raid controllers or a software raid controller. A select few motherboards now have allowed SAS drives to connect directly to the motherboard. The drives spin at 10,000 and 15,000 rpms allowing for faster read and write cycles. As with their SCSI predecessors, successful data recovery of SAS drives require advanced data recovery hardware and software. We use the latest advance forensic hardware and software for all of our data recovery cases.

. We Provide advanced Raid server SCSI drive data recovery for all makes and models of enterprise SCSI drives including: Seagate SCSI Hard Drives, Samsung SCSI Hard Drives, Hitachi SCSI hard drives, Toshiba SCSI hard drives, IBM hard drives, Fujitsu SCSI hard drives, Sun SCSI, IBM SCSI, Seagate SCSI, Hitachi SCSI, Fujitsu SCSI, HP SAS, Dell SCSI drives.

We Provide advanced raid server array SATA / IDE data recovery for all makes and models of SATA / IDE drives including: Seagate / Maxtor SATA / IDE Hard Drives, Samsung SATA / IDE Hard Drives, Hitachi SATA / IDE hard drives, Toshiba SATA / IDE hard drives, IBM SATA / IDE hard drives, Fujitsu SATA / IDE hard drives, Western Digital SATA / IDE, Samsung SATA / IDE

We also provide secure raid recovery for all Unix raids, Linux arrays, Macintosh raid arrays, Windows raids, Solaris raid arrays and any raid array using the following systems : Red Hat, Suse, Open-E, Caldera, SCO, Debian, Mandrake, Sorcerer, Turbo Linux, Slackware, Gentoo, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Windows Server, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2010, Windows server 2012, Windows SBS Server, Windows SBS 2003, Windows SBS 2008, Windows SBS 2010, Windows SBS 2012, Windows NT, Windows Exchange Server, Microsoft Server, Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Windows,, Mac OS, Mac OS X, Mac OS X v10.6 Snow Leopard, Mac OS X v10.5 Leopard, Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger, Mac OS X v10.3 Panther, Mac OS X v10.2 Jaguar, Mac OS 9, Mac OS Mavericks, Mac OS Yosemite, Mac El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra and earlier Macintosh and Apple operating systems, SCO Openserver (HTFS & EAFS), SCO Unixware (VxFS & UFS), Solaris Intel (UFS) ,Solaris Sparc (UFS),BSD (UFS1 & UFS2) .HP UNIX (JFS.

Server Data Recovery
We provide Server data recovery for all makes and models of servers using raid and non raid configurations including SAN servers, NAS servers and DAS Servers. Many SAN Servers and NAS servers use proprietary file systems requiring specialized recovery methods to recover the data and reconstruct the raid array. Our techs specialize in recovery from all SAN, NAS and DAS storage devices. Including:

We provide Raid Server Array data recovery for RAID-0, RAID-1, RAID-5, RAID-6, RAID-10, RAID-01, RAID 05, RAID-50 and any other hybrid raid configuration. We provide recovery of all raid server arrays using enterprise SAS, SATA, SSD or SCSI drives.

We provide raid server data recovery for all Dell NAS, SAN and DAS Servers including: Dell Compellent, Dell EqualLogic, Dell NX 35XX, MD3 Family of Arrays, Dell EqualLogic PS Series and FS Series, PowerEdge Blade Servers, PowerEdge Tower Servers, PowerEdge Rackmount Servers, PowerVault NAS Servers, PowerVault. We provide raid server data recovery for all HP NAS, SAN and DAS Servers including: HP Disk Enclosures, HP BladeSystem Storage Blades, HP 3PAR StoreServ 10000 Storage, HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000 Storage, HP 3PAR StoreServ 7450 Storage, HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage, HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway HP StoreEasy 5000 Storage,HP XP 9000 Storage, HP EVA 6000 Storage,HP StoreVirtual 4000 Storage, HP MSA P2000 Storage, HP MSA 2040 Storage, HP StoreOnce 2620 iSCSI Backup, HP StoreOnce 2700 Backup, HP StoreOnce 4210 FC Backup, HP StoreOnce 4210 iSCSI Backup, HP StoreOnce 4220 Backup, HP StoreOnce 4420 Backup,HP StoreOnce 4430 Backup, HP StoreOnce 4500 Backup, HP StoreOnce 4700 Backup, HP StoreOnce 4900 Backup,HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup,HP StoreOnce 6500 Backup, HP StoreAll 8800 Storage.HP StoreAll 8200 Gateway,HP StoreAll 9000 Storage, HP StoreAll 9300 Gateway Storage.

We provide raid server data recovery for all EMC NAS, SAN and DAS Servers including: Avamar, DD160,600,860, DD890/990, Isilon, VNXe, VMAX 40K, 20K, 10K, VNX 7500, VNX 5700, 5500, VNX 5300, VNX 5100.DS 88XX. We provide raid server data recovery for all SGI NAS, SAN and DAS Servers including: SGI OmniStor, SGI InfiniteStorage Gateway, SGI NAS, SGI ICE X, SGI InfiniteData Cluster, SGI Rackable, SGI UV, StoreAll 9300 Gateway Storage.

We specialize in data recovery and data reconstruction of raid arrays for all major raid servers and custom raid servers including : HP Integrity Server, IBM Servers, Macintosh Servers, Silicon Mechanics, Raid Inc, Servers, Xenos Servers, HP Proliant Servers, SUN Servers, Dell Poweredge Servers, Super Micro Servers, SuperServes, Synology, Lenovo Servers, Iomega Servers, IStarUSA Servers and more. Note: attempting to rebuild and Standard or Hybrid raid array without a separate and complete backup of all data can lead to loss of data. We provide Raid Server Array data recovery for Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, Raid 6, Raid 10, Raid 01, Raid 05, Raid -50 and all other hybrid raid configured storage systems. Reconstruction of any failed raid array is complex and requires professional imaging and data recovery hardware. Our raid reconstruction labs use the most up to date Professional Imaging devices and Data Recovery tools available. We use the most advance prescribed methodology for all raid recoveries and reconstructions, which leads to the highest recovery results.

For the latest Storage Recovery information Connect with us at Google+ (us-Data Recovery) – Twitter @USDataRecovery on Pinterest http://www.pinterest.com/pin/75576099980819923/ Google AdWords

SSD Data Recovery, Flash Drive Recovery, IPhone and Android Data Recovery
We provide recovery of data from all devices using NAND Chip technology for data storage. This includes SSD Drives Flash Drives, Thumb Drives, IPhones, Android Phones, IPods, Ipads, voice recorders and any other device using NAND Chips for data Storage.

We provide Solid State hard drive data recovery for all makes of SSD Solid State Drives including 1.8 SSD, 2.5 SSD and 3.5 Worldwide SSD Drives. We provide SSD drive data recovery for all brands of Solid State Drives and all brands.

US Data Recovery also provides recovery of data from all brands of Thumb Drives, Flash drives and SD Cards.

US Data Recovery provides Nand Chip and SD card data recovery for iPhones, Ipads, iPad touch, Android Smartphones and Android tablets. We also provide data recovery for jailbreak phones. We can recover your contacts,photos, call history, messages, calendar, notes, voice mail , voice messages and more from working or dead phones. Attempting to recover data from dead or submerge phones can cause permanent loss to your data. Continued use of your phone can cause permanent loss or damage to your deleted data. Call our Techs (with another phone ) if your are in need of recovering your phones data.We recovery data from from iPhone 6 Plus/6//5S/5C/5/4S/4/3GS/3G, all iPads and iPod touch 5/4.

US Data Recovery provides Macintosh Apple data recovery for Corporate, Business and Home User clients. Our Mac Apple Data Recovery includes recovery of data from failed Macintosh raid arrays, Macintosh servers, Macintosh hard drives, Macintosh external drives, NAS DAS San devices and flash drives. We provide Data recovery for all the following Mac Apple products: iMac. MacBook, MacBook Pro, MackBook Air, Mac Mini, iPad , iPhone and G Technology external drives.

Our Data Recovery Services encompass all major electronic data storage media and configurations. Utilizing the most advanced data recovery hard ware and advanced data recovery software we provide the following data recovery services : Hard Drive Recovery - Raid Recovery - SAN Data Recovery - NAS Recovery - Server Recovery - Enterprise Recovery - Flash Drive Recovery - Flash Card Recovery - SATA SAS SSD Recovery - Macintosh Recovery - External Recovery - Tape Recovery - Worldwide Corporate Data Recovery - Worldwide Business user Data Recovery - Worldwide Home Data Recovery - Worldwide Enterprise user Raid Data Recovery - Worldwide Data Recovery Service.

SAN Server raid data recovery and raid data reconstruction follows the same prescribed procedures as recovering a standard raid server. The major difference is the proprietary Operating systems, journaling and filing systems and custom offsets used by each different manufacture. Our raid recovery engineers are fully versed in the many different SAN system configurations. Our raid data recovery specialist have recovered raid arrays from most SAN Servers including: QNap SAN, Sans Digital SAN, Drobo SAN, Open E SAN Servers, ISCISI San Servers, DS Dapron SAN, Raid, Inc SAN, Spectron SAN Servers, Bright Drive SAN, HP SAN, IBM SAN, Snap SAN, D-Link SAN, Fluke SAN Server, EMC SAN, NetWitness SAN, THecus SAN, Silicon Mechanics SAN, Dell SAN Servers, Arecanas SAN, and more.


Recovery Process starts immediately upon receipt of your file

Overnight return shipping available

Direct contact with the engineer working on your recovery



In addition to Exchange data recovery we also offer the same service for the following database files:




Share point Server recovery and repair

Exchange Server recovery and repair

MySql recovery and repair

MSSQL recovery and repair

Outlook PST recovery and repair

Mailbox Exchange recovery and repair

Outlook Express recovery and repair

Deleted Email recovery and repair

Lotus Notes Recovery and repair

Etourage recovery and repair




ADOBE PDF repair and recovery

MS Word DOC, DOCX recovery and repair

MS Access recovery MDB, ACCDB and repair

MS Excel XLA, XLSX recovery and repair

MS Power Point PPT, PPTX, recovery and repair

Db2 Database recovery and repair

DBF recovery and repair

Oracle recovery and repair

BKF recovery and repair

QuickBooks QBB, QBX recovery and repair

Corel Word Perfect WP recovery and repair

ZIP file reconstruction


US-DataRecovery-Boston.com provides Boston database reconstruction, repair and recovery to the following locations:


Boston, Brockton, Worcester, New Bedford, Springfield, Fall River, Lowell, Lynn, Cambridge, Quincy, Newton, Summerville, Lawrence, Farmington, Haverhill, Waltham, Taunton, Medford, Malden, Revere, Plymouth


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